Still wrestling with #talkingpoliticswithkids?

3 Nov

After a long hiatus, and a long election season, just a quick post with some resources for talking about politics with kids.

What I find powerful across these conversations about how to talk to kids of various ages and developmental stages (emotional, social, intellectual and political) are the useful takeaways for conversations with anyone–including ourselves (I find myself frequently talking back to the radio forum/televised debate/newspaper headline in my head, and even aloud sometimes). Because, it turns out, what’s good for kids, is often good for us adults, too.

As we approach Election Day, I find it helpful to stay focused on a few key questions:

  • What’s my intention, not just in this immediate conversation about this election, but in my own and others’ engagement with politics?
  • What do I hope for myself, for kids, for my community, and the whole US after 11/8/16–no matter who wins?
  • What’s my job after and beyond just voting? What are my responsibilities and opportunities, whether or not “my” candidate wins? Because whoever is elected will be my president. And casting a vote, while important, is just one action within the whole complement of my civic possibilities for action.

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