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12 Dec


For a few years now, I’ve been on a national listserv of Asian and Pacific Islander-American educators. Among things we post about are employment opportunities in our organizations, schools and communities. If you know of a position that you’d like to share with this group, please read and respect the directions below, created by our listserv moderator Prasant Nukalapati to serve both organizations seeking to diversify their pool of qualified applicants and applicants seeking positions within communities that put their diversity value into action.

In order to post a position, an organization needs to respond to five questions (see below), with a simple Y/N, or more fully, if desired. As Prasant explains:

The purpose of [these questions] is twofold:

  1. Highlight which schools have moved forward on some of these and similar issues with regards to supporting/empowering Asian educators and other educators of color as well as families and students. (The questions above are by no means a comprehensive list. But I thought more than 5 would be burdensome)
  1. To use job postings as a way to highlight some of the efforts that are important to Asian educators and other educators of color looking for positions in independent schools–rather than to use job postings as a way of simply re-cycling Asian educators and educators of color through schools without having to look at structural and curricular changes.

I can imagine someone of the group being able to go back to people at their school and say, for example: “These are some of the questions this group is asking to respond to put a job announcement up. Can we work on these areas so that next year we can post more “Yes”s to these questions and join ________schools as a leader in this area?

If you think about it it isn’t that much different than our students looking through college guides to see what offerings a college has, how many students of color there are, average test scores, class sizes etc.

Directions to post a job post on API-CHAI:

Please simply cut and paste the following questions (and your answers to them) after your posting. I have also put them in an attachment that you can download and save on your desktop so that you don’t have to find this email each time you need to post a job.

  • Does your school have Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs) in leadership positions at the school: (Yes/No)
  • Do any classes at your school address the history, literature and other contributions of APIs? (Yes/No)
  • In addition to supporting cultural appreciation groups, does your school support affinity groups/spaces for students/adults of color? (Yes/No)
  • Does your school provide professional developments funds to attend identity focused conferences/workshops like POCC, local POCIS events, summer trainings? (Yes/No)
  • Is demonstrated commitment to participating in diversity/multicultural education work a part of faculty evaluation? (Yes/No)

Please send postings, including your responses to the above, to:

Thanks to Prasant for creating and sustaining this resource.


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