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Quick digest of links I’ve been liking

2 May

Oh, dear blog. I apologize for my absence. I’ve been digesting the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action, the NBA’s disciplining of Donald Sterling, and the death of an esteemed and beloved colleague…

For now, I offer this quick digest of links I’ve been liking and recommend:

  • Moving the Race Conversation Forward. Click the first link for Jay Smooth (of “How To Tell Someone They Sound Racist,” “An Old Person’s Guide to ‘No Homo'” and “A Beginner’s Guide to ‘No Homo'”) giving you a teaser of the Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation’s research into cultural barriers to holistic, just and empowering conversations about race: (And you can read the full report here:
  • A Brief History of White Racism, Oppression and Privilege in America by Legalize Democracy: didn’t know that under the Emancipation Proclamation of 1862, slave owners were paid over 1 million dollars in “reparations” for ” lost property.” (For what it’s worth, one website estimates that at an annual average rate of 4% inflation, that’s $216,666,667 in today’s dollars.) I could blame my education, but I’ll share the blame for not educating myself about this basic fact until I happened to watch this video.
  • Fattitude: The first quote that really hit me is about what it takes for a TV show to have a sympathetic fat lead character (which Drop Dead Diva did): “Literally, in order to have a fat main character, you have to have a death narrative that absolves them of any blame for having been fat.” Wow, right? Right. Watching this video made me think about how the struggle for size equity and inclusion is like–and distinctly unlike–other groups’ struggles to be included in whom we think of as  human.
  • And your NSFW video… this is comic Jamie Kilstein on arguments against same-sex marriage: Notably, youtube notes, “Comments are disabled for this video.”

That’s all for this Friday. I’ll be back next week.