I say “happy,” you say “transgender”

27 Mar

Definitely a word association the world could use more of.

Another association that could help the world? “We’ll say things like, ‘God made you special’… because there aren’t many little girls out there that have a penis!” (http://www.upworthy.com/the-only-thing-wrong-in-this-little-girls-world-is-the-people-who-wont-accept-her-for-who-she-is?c=reccon1) That’s the mother of Jazz, a transgender child (who in her own words has “a girl brain in a boy body”), connecting God and folks who are transgender through love, not condemnation.

Click the link above for a great interview about Jazz, her family and her experience, including a moment when Jazz responds to her older sister’s description of Jazz’s gender identification as “a disorder” (starting around 4:45) by saying she sees her identity as “special” or “unique.”

I will say that I think Barbara Walters, the interviewer, seems to confuse gender and sex: a mainstay of her argument that Jazz is, of course, a girl–just look at how “girly” she is! But, of course, a boy who is transgender could identify as a girl and express her female identity across a spectrum of gender possibilities, including as a girl who doesn’t love pink or dresses but is still a girl. Because transgender identity isn’t just about expressions of masculinity and femininity: it’s about identifying as someone our reproductive organs say we’re not (around 3:16 Walters points out that “many” young boys who identify as girls are into mermaids, and Jazz’s mom offers an interesting, compelling thought as to why).


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