Gender ABC’s

11 Oct

Here’s a great opportunity to experience some of the best in contemporary theater, make a donation to the arts and support queer youth and allies:

The Cutting Ball Theater needs your help to make our upcoming production of Sidewinders one that Queer youth and their allies can see at no cost.

Please Donate

Playwright Basil Kreimendahl says “Sidewinders is a play about living in the in-between…I want students to be able to see Sidewinders because it’s really important that we see ourselves on stage and hear our stories.”We hope to raise $10,000 in just three weeks to cover the full cost of providing free student rush tickets for the full run from October 18-November 17.Learn more about Sidewinders, our campaign, and our fun thank you gifts at

To give you a sense of the show, check out Sidewinders‘ “Gender ABC’s” (, prefaced with these notes by dramaturg Rem Myers:

  • Sidewinders is a play that from its outset defies the very labels that are presented in the Gender ABCs. In fact, the actors in Sidewinders do not use a single term among those listed below. This list is offered with the goal of introducing the big and complex world of gender by teaching 26 key words.
  • As the alphabet only has 26 letters, there are only 26 terms listed: one per letter. Unfortunately this meant not listing every word related to gender identity, including Gender Bending, LGBT, Two-Spirit, and more. The Gender ABCs is not a comprehensive list, but simply an introduction.
  • Vocabulary is constantly changing, evolving, and growing. Words, particularly those describing gender, are also subjective and personal. Many of the terms below have different meanings for different people and none of these definitions are set in stone.

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