Savage book recommendation

16 Sep

Over the summer, a colleague recommended that I pick up American Savage by sex advice columnist Dan Savage. I did, I read, and now I have to pass on the recommendation. Please read this book.

Notwithstanding the use of “American” (which always bugs me, because, like saying “people of color” when you mean Latino/as, or “students with learning differences” when you mean kids who are disabled in traditional classrooms, using the term “American” when you mean US American is an unnecessarily inaccurate and unhelpful overgeneralization), I love this book cover to cover.

Savage does what I aspire to do in my own work: respond with reason, self-awareness, cultural savvy and all my wits about me when flat-out bigotry rears its head. And he does it with such charm.

From recounting his son “coming out” to his two dads, to explicating the ideal of monogamy, to just straight (pun intended) talking about sexuality in committed relationships, Savage covers the personal, the biological, the social (including political and religious) and the sacred, by which I mean love.

So whether or not the writings of a sex advice columnist are your thing, American Savage offers a lot more, and probably something you didn’t expect.


** Thanks to my colleague JE for the book recommendation. Keep ’em coming!

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