Even superheroes?

6 Sep

Apparently, even superheroes can’t escape homophobia.

According to science and sci fi website io9, “DC [Comics] forbids Batwoman’s gay marriage” (http://io9.com/this-sounds-like-a-horribly-homophobic-decision-on-the-1257246409).

Because nobody tells Batwoman whom she can marry, her creative team is leaving the powerhouse comic book publisher. Hopefully, that means a wedding in the superhero’s future after all.

I don’t have much to say about this beyond what you can read in the article, especially because I think io9’s Rob Bricken says it really well in concluding:

Leaving aside why DC would piss off one of their best creative teams, I can’t fathom why DC would think this was a good idea, or at least not realize what a horrendously bad idea it is. Perhaps they thought that by never bringing it up they could keep the controversial Card hire from getting back into the spotlight, but surely someone at the company realized that allowing the marriage to take place would be a lot less controversial than refusing to let the marriage take place. Did they really not think it would come out? Who are they trying to please with this decision, other than Orson Scott Card and his ilk? Are they really worried about Card’s feelings more than the majority of their readership?

Originally, I asked if DC realized ignoring the problem isn’t actually a solution, but instead another part of the problem. Let me amend that: DC clearly has a problem here. And the fact that they don’t seem to even realize it has a problem is possibly the biggest problem of all.

I do think that discrimination like this in the fictional world matters because comics aren’t just make-believe: they’re manifestations of what we can imagine and what we believe. What is a superhero comic, if not a manifesto about good v. evil? And they are, as Batwoman’s creative team J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman demonstrate, created and consumed by real people.

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