On social justice

17 Aug

As I ramp up for the new school year, I’m excited to return to this blog, and today I’m doing so with a modest kick off. Just a re-post from the Commission for Social Justice Educators Blog: “Social Justice: Now Just Another Term for Diversity” by Paul Gorski (http://acpacsje.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/social-justice-not-just-another-term-for-diversity-by-paul-c-gorski/). I found this post useful as I revisited and honed my own working definition of social justice. Social justice is one of those terms everyone uses (at least in my field) and everyone is supposed to understand, and I agree with Gorski that in its ambiguity, “social justice” has lost its differentiation from a lot of diversity-speak. I’m still working on it, but FYI, here’s Blink’s working definition:

Social justice is discerning and doing what needs to be done to end unfair treatment of individuals and groups in a community. Because societies are human and biased, social justice requires collaborative, persistent discernment and action on the individual, cultural and institutional levels.

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