A better response to Suzy Lee Weiss

23 Apr

From the e-pages of Racialicious, a worthwhile blog to read, for those of you who don’t know it: “To (All) the White Girls Who Didn’t Get Into The College Of Their Dreams” by Kendra James (http://www.racialicious.com/2013/04/10/to-all-the-white-girls-who-didnt-get-into-the-college-of-their-dreams/).

Here’s just a snippet:

There’s an arrogance in high school students that manifests during the college-application process, but it’s an arrogance that correlates with already existing racial and class privilege… It’s hard to understand that despite working hard for four years, you may not get into your first choice of school. It’s easy to look for someone to blame, and it’s easier still to want to place that blame on groups of people who can so easily be scapegoats for your problems…and historically always have.

Snap. Thank you, Kendra.

(Btw, I knew there was a WSJ connection! Suzy’s sister used to work there.)

** Thanks to my colleague NS for the link.

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