The script on entitlement: flipped

12 Apr

On yesterday’s post (how to respond to an accusation that people who receive government assistance believe they’re entitled to it), a technique I often use is flipping the script.

What I mean: if you step back and consider the presumption underlying a statement like Romney’s, sometimes it’s helpful to reverse the roles and look at the issue from the other side.

As a professor from my graduate studies once asserted: how you frame the question determines the possible answers. And sometimes, as with Romney’s assertion, there’s a fundamental problem with the frame. It’s skewed and obscures the full canvas. So give it a flip.

I can best illustrate what flipping Romney’s script would look like with this:


So today, here’s an invitation. Find a popular cultural script about a group of people and try flipping it. See what happens. Would love to hear what you discover.

* Thanks to my colleague SK for the image.

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