A professional growth opportunity (for good!)

15 Jan

The Greater Good Science Center is hosting their first ever summer institute for K-12 educators at UC Berkeley. I, for one, am excited. It’s an overnight retreat (June 28-July 3, 2013) with a great panel of speakers, who will facilitate participants in:

  • Exploring the latest scientific research on the benefits of cultivating social-emotional skills
  • Learning research-based practices for fostering social-emotional well-being in themselves and students
  • Engaging with thought leaders on how to make the case for the importance of social-emotional learning in their schools and communities

For more info, check out: http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/news_events/event/summer_institute_for_educators?utm_source=GG+Ed+Newsletter+Jan.+2013+-+School+Admin&utm_campaign=GG+Education+Admin%2FTedX+-+January+2013&utm_medium=email#objectives.

And if you or someone you know ends up attending, I encourage using identity and diversity as lenses to deepen takeaways. Some guiding questions might include:

  • How is the “latest scientific research and practices” culturally biased? (Remember: bias isn’t inherently “bad”; it’s just a fact, with the potential to be discriminatory if we’re not aware, and/or we choose not to act for equity and inclusion.)
  • Which social-emotional skills are cultural, and what does culturally competent social-emotional practice look like?
  • How do identity and diversity impact our social-emotional response to others? For instance, how does how we identify others facilitate or hinder our compassion for them?

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