The happiest KKK meeting ever

16 Nov

To quote writer Laura Beck, “This is so great” (

She’s referring to a KKK anti-immigration rally in Charlotte, NC that was attended en masse… by clowns.

Instead of shouting, the clown protesters used squeaky toys, whistles, and noisemakers to drown out the hateful… speeches. The clowns — dressed in everything from giant red squishy noses to banana costumes — outnumbered the bigots 5-1…

When the speakers talked about “White Power,” the protesters sprinkled white flour. Another held a sign reading “Wife Power.”

They said they wanted to make a point that racism is ridiculous.

“The message from us is, you look silly,” said Lacey Williams, the youth coordinator for Charlotte’s Latin American Coalition. “We’re dressed like clowns and you’re the ones that look funny.”

Brilliant. Inspiring. And this reminds me that the way we “do” diversity needs to be diverse. Sometimes, facts and debates are useful. Sometimes personal narratives are effective. And sometimes, laughter says it all. Of course, laughter or facts or stories won’t effect social change by themselves. But they are the diverse catalysts that can help a group of diverse people notice, care and act.

**Thanks to my colleague LM for this article and the smile.

One Response to “The happiest KKK meeting ever”

  1. Vinny February 28, 2014 at 3:35 pm #

    Diversity is BS.You are merely another of the people selling America out . What benefit do you get? Does it make you feel pious and self righteous. I bet it does. You have no real morality, no real ethics so piety and self-righteousness will have to do, yes.You claim not to hate but you hate white people. You call yourself American but you hate America, don’t you? I am no fan of the Klan but I live on the border. I KNOW what is really going on with this issue. You probably can only guess.

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