Why I do workshops

12 Nov

This fall, I hosted and facilitated a workshop: “That’s racist!” Talking to students, families and colleagues about what is (and isn’t) really racist, and here’s what one participant took away from that morning of conversations and role plays:

[I’m excited about a] simple approach to dealing with students where “racist issues are involved”…this approach is one I learned from a participant in one of the “pairing sessions”…that method is as follows…when there is a sensitive issue that arises and needs to be addressed, work through with the student whether what was said was: 1) true; 2) kind; 3) necessary.

I love the approach, and I love the source.

This is why I do workshops: so I can learn from the thoughtful, diversely skilled people who come together to work towards their 10,000 hours of diversity and equity practice.

Thanks to everyone who attends Blink workshops and brings their game.

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