A Halloween DIY workshop

31 Oct

This is another (and long overdue) do-it-yourself workshop, so read when you have a moment to notice, reflect and practice.

Imagine it’s Halloween, and everyone is dressed up: maybe you’re at work, a party, school or some neighborhood gathering. You turn around, and there’s an adult dressed as a border patrol guard.

1. What’s your gut response? (Remember, this isn’t your polished public response. This is just your raw reaction.)

2. And notice: who did you see in your mind? A man or woman? White, Latino/a, Asian, black…? Where does that image come from (your personal experience, stereotypes…)?

3. What concern, if any, do you have about this costume?

4. What is and isn’t surprising about this choice of costume? (Consider context and social norms.)

5. What could this choice be about? Imagine the spectrum of possibilities–and name at least 3.

6. What difference would it make to you if the person wearing this costume were Latino, instead of white? A woman, instead of a man? A child, instead of an adult?

7. So what, if anything, do you have to say to this person or to someone else (perhaps you’re at this Halloween gathering with someone whose reaction concerns you) about dressing like a border patrol guard for the holiday? Practice it aloud. With a partner, if you can find one (and then take turns).

Whatever you think about this situation, take advantage of this DIY workshop to add to your 10,000 hrs of practice speaking up about identity and diversity.

And happy Halloween.

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