Racism: a performance by Donald Trump

25 Oct

For today’s performance of racism (actually posted by Trump yesterday), please watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MgOq9pBkY0I#!

This isn’t just dogged partisanship. It’s racism in action.

In refusing to let go of the non-question about Obama’s birthplace and right to be President of the United States, Trump is playing his own race card as a white man who claims to speak for “Americans” (read: other white people). In demanding a host of Obama’s personal documents, ostensibly so that this president will be “like other presidents” in the eyes of “Americans,” Trump is barely veiling his premise: you don’t look like “us.” You don’t possess the most important qualification to lead us: white skin. So we have every right to ask from you what we would never think to ask of a white president, and to mistrust any response from you. Because you are not white like us.

On this note, I will say that Coulter’s use of the r-word (see yesterday’s post) to describe the president had racist connotations for me, in addition to explicit able-ism. Because anything you say as a white woman about an only partly white man is racist? No. Because her choice of words reinforces a racist stereotype about intelligence. And whether you actively or passively support racial prejudice–that is to say, whether you say it yourself, laugh along or just say nothing when someone else says it–you are perpetuating racism.

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