Very cool conference

2 Oct

Just got word of the Creating Balance Conference.

While I assumed it was a conference about mindfulness, where folks do yoga and meditate (and perhaps that is part of the program), the conference is about social justice… and math education! That’s right. The conference organizers invite us to:

Join educators, parents, students, activists, and community members from around the country for a 3-day conference to explore the connections between math education and social justice. We will explore many questions, challenges, and opportunities to work toward social justice through math education. We invite you to share your thoughts, lesson plans, questions and to be a facilitator for a workshop, interest group, or presentation. Facilitators may choose to present on topics related to math and social justice including equity in education, literacy and social justice, and integrating social issues into the math classroom. Sessions need not be entirely polished presentations as we hope to share ideas in order to build together (

Themes include social justice in the mathematics classroom, mathematics literacy as “gatekeeper” and ethnomathematics.

I have never been so excited to attend a math conference! (OK, I’ve never been excited to attend a math conference at all.)

The conference will take place January 18-20, 2013 at Mission High School in San Francisco. For more info on attending or facilitating a workshop, please check out their website:

**Thanks to JT for the info.

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