Fun controversy of the day

6 Sep

OK, so maybe you’ve seen or heard about BIC’s “For Her” pen set? Here it is:

Just like you pictured pens for “Her,” right?

This is where it gets fun: check out these customer reviews from AmazonUK ( And try to guess which one is the 5-star review, and which one is the 1-star review:

I was so excited when my husband brought this home for me at the end of his working day! I squealed so much that I dropped the iron on my foot, completely ruining my coral pink stilettos. Gosh darn it, I am such a ditz! Therefore I am giving this pen one star as it is surely dangerous for us excitable girlies. On the plus side, later on after I had calmed down my husband showed me how to draw rainbows and unicorns with the pen. I had so much fun and my arm was not aching nearly as much as that silly time when I tried using the man-pen! I was very disappointed that the ink was not amber.

A wonderful product, and one that all my female friends, both real AND imaginary swear by – but think about this for a minute – if Neville Chamberlain had produced one of these little beauties from his waistcoat when signing that famous treaty with Herr Hitler back in the thirties we would all be speaking German now. I shudder to think that something so pretty can wield so much power. Brrrr – awesome.

As Laura Donovan from The Jane Dough writes, the eloquent critique just goes to show the pen really is mightier than the sword” (

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