The legitimization of “legitimate rape”

4 Sep

Today a post that comes with a note: the video below might be tough to watch. It’s a parody response to Rep. Todd Akin’s completely misinformed comments about rape and pregnancy (

I think the “‘Legitimate Rape’ Pharmaceutical Ad” ( is a must-watch because it speaks to why Akin can’t just say, “oops!” and move on, and why we can’t just overlook his cavalier dissemination of misinformation. Akin’s comment is just one moment in a larger legitimization of rape–by conservative male political leaders. Watch for the reference (about 1 min in) to the 2011 controversy over Republican Congressmen’s definition that rape must be “forcible” in order to qualify as rape ( Suddenly, this parody looks less like farce and more like a very real social movement.

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