Just as beautiful

17 Aug

Meet Valentina Guerrero.

Valentina is a model. And not just any model: she’s “the face of Spanish swimwear designer Dolores Cortés’ 2013 kids’ collection.” That’s right. The face of. Like Gwyneth Paltrow, David Beckham or Penelope Cruz.

By the way, Valentina also has Down syndrome, making her star campaign a first for the modeling industry.

As Valentina’s mother says, “the fact that they are placing Valentina on the of a catalogue sends a very clear message of inclusion; all children deserve the same opportunities, regardless of their physical, economic, social, racial or medical condition.”

And what I love about this is that it’s not charity to feature Valentina in the catalog. She’s a cute kid! No, this is a win-win for Valentina and Cortés. Which is how inclusion works: it’s good for you and good for me.

One Response to “Just as beautiful”

  1. Jeanne August 17, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    Curious about a response I read on HuffPost:

    S.E. Smith writes, “While I firmly believe that things like this are important social steps, the larger the production made about them, the more disabled models are othered. When you’re singling them out for special attention, you’re reminding everyone that they’re different, instead of just working models like anyone else.” Smith argues that while disabled models should be employed more often, there is no need to publicize their disabilities. She writes that Cortés went out of her way to announce that Valentina has Down syndrome to “[make] sure everyone knows how progressive she is.”

    This comment feels like another version of “I don’t see color.”

    Always love your posts!

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