Miss Universe is now open to all Misses

20 Apr

Earlier this month, the Miss Universe beauty pageant announced that Jenna Talackova can participate in this year’s contest. Talackova’s eligibility was under question because she used to be a man and has undergone gender reassignment surgery. Now I don’t know a lot about beauty pageants, but I believe that surgical alterations and enhancements have been permissible for a while, so the decision to allow Talackova and, in future years, all transgender contestants to compete seems consistent and fair.

In its official statement about the decision, the Miss Universe Organization included this acknowledgment:

We want to give credit where credit is due, and the decision to include transgender women in our beauty competitions is a result of our ongoing discussions with GLAAD [the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation](http://www.boston.com/ae/tv/articles/2012/04/11/miss_universe_pageant_allowing_transgender_women/).

While I’m no fan of beauty pageants or objectifying feminine beauty in general, I do think this is a cool example of different viewpoints coming together for a mutually beneficial outcome.

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