Howdy, neighbor!

7 Mar

If you live in the SF Bay Area and are wondering where the 1% live, the answer, according to The San Francisco Chronicle, is “within walking distance” (

According to Wealth-X, a group that researches “ultra-high net worth individuals” (UHNW, aka the 1%):

In terms of distribution, there is one UHNW individual per 27,504 persons in the top ten wealthiest American cities. But in three American cities, that ratio comes down to approximately one in 3,075 people… “Certain geographic clusters generate and attract wealth,” said Wealth-X co-founder David Friedman.

As a non-UHNW individual in a time when it’s fashionable to distance ourselves as much as possible from the über (or even faintly) rich, I still wonder how living in a city that “generates and attracts wealth” shapes my worldview, my norms and my day-to-day living.

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