“Would you like a racist slur with that?”

16 Feb

Do you notice anything about this restaurant receipt?

Yup, on the lefthand side, right above the word “VISA.” That would be the restaurant’s table identification: “Mc Stinkynigger,” party of 1.

Here’s the full story: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/black-customer-received-n-word-receipts-settles-restaurant-202347883.html.

For me, the stunning drop of the other shoe is the article’s citation of two other recent incidents of fast food “[insert racial slur] and have a nice day!”


“Lady chinky eyes”?

In all three cases, the restaurants located the problem with “inappropriate” or “unthinking” individuals, swearing on their corporate goodness that there isn’t “even [the] suggestion of racism at our restaurant[s]” (http://laist.com/2011/12/12/chick-fil-a_on_racist_ching_chong_r.php).

In the case of Corona Del Mar’s Landmark Steakhouse, the “individual” involved (a bartender who issued at least one of three receipts bearing variations on a racial slur) seems to accept his individual responsibility. As MSNBC reports: 

In one voicemail, the bartender said: “Yo Mark. Hey it’s [NAME WITHHELD]. Give me a call when you get a chance man. Just wanted to apologize for that tab, dude. You know we were totally jokin’ around.”

In a follow-up text message, the bartender said: “I know I made a big mistake by crossing the line. I have a family & mortgage that depend on me.”

In another text message on Christmas Eve, he said: “merry christmas! hope to see you soon. we miss you! please forgive us for being stupid. its not the same without you there. luv u bud!”

Yeah, luv u, too.

The question I’m left with is: how many “individual” actions does it take before we see that there’s a group, including us, who bear some collective responsibility?

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