Happy Bank Transfer Day Eve

4 Nov

I’m inspired. And I think I get Twitter (at least its potential) now. Here’s to everyday activism.

[Below is a straight cut and paste from Carol Bengle Gilbert’s article “Bank Transfer Day, by the Numbers” on Yahoo! news (http://news.yahoo.com/bank-transfer-day-numbers-192900229.html)]: 

Bank Transfer Day is Nov. 5. That’s the day when consumers fed up with big banks are urged to move their accounts to credit unions and local banks. But many consumers angry with banks haven’t waited for the big day to transfer their accounts to credit unions or community banks. Here’s a look at how Bank Transfer Day is shaping up, by the numbers:

$5: the monthly debit fee proposed by Bank of America that got the ball rolling.

650,000: number of people who have switched to credit unions since Sept. 29.

$4.5 billion: value of accounts transferred since Sept. 29.

5,000: inquiries to Independent Community Bankers of America bank locater in the past few weeks, a 500 percent increase above normal.

Bank Transfer Day Facebook Page 

41,000: “likes” Bank Transfer Day on Facebook wall as of midday Friday.

Bank Transfer Day issued an invitation to attend on its Facebook wall, which received these responses:

77,446: said they are “attending.”

45,376: answered “not attending.”

16,490: are as yet uncommitted and responded “maybe.”

509,154: have not responded and are listed as “awaiting reply.”

20 to 70 percent: nationwide increase in credit union accounts.

Rebuild the Dream website

A website called Rebuild the Dream is collecting pledges from customers who plan to close accounts at big banks. Its count to date may include accounts already closed and accounts slated for closure:

29,430: Bank of America accounts.

15,644: Chase accounts.

4,025: Citigroup accounts.

21,992: other big banks’ collective account losses recorded by Rebuild the Dream.

Some of these accounts may be among the 650,000 already switched to credit unions and among those recorded as attending Bank Transfer Day on Facebook.

Bank Transfer Day on Twitter

Bank Transfer Day is sending out its message on Twitter using the hashtags #louderthanwords and #banktransferday.

2,015: followers.

95: Tweets.

Q3 2011 Profits of Big U.S Banks

Major banks recently reported on their third quarter earnings for 2011. All of the big banks recorded big profits. Here’s a sampling:

$6.2 billion: Bank of America’s Q3 2011 net income.

$4.3 billion: JP Morgan Chase Q3 2011 net income.

$3.77 billion: Citigroup’s Q3 2011 net income.

$3.84 billion: Wells Fargo Q3 2011 net income.

$3.41 billion: U.S. Bancorp Q3 2011 net income.

Whether Q4 2011 will be as profitable may depend in significant part on how much of a force Bank Transfer Day turns out to be.

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